Design a new FUN logo? We need your help!

Member logins have been temporarily disabled as we move to a new website. All will be well by 2/10/2020.

FUN is working on transitioning to a new website and membership management system (hooray!).


This gives us an opportunity to revisit our logo.  The “FUN Cube” has served us well through 2 generations of websites.  But it might nice to have an updated logo or even try a new direction. 




If you or anyone you know would like to take a crack at designing a new FUN logo, please let me know.  We’d need the new logo by October, but please let me know soon if you intend to work on a design (I can also provide a copy of the original logo in vector format if you’d like to use it as a starting point).  If we have multiple submissions, we’ll put them up for a vote.  Everyone who submits an entry will receive a free FUN t-shirt (from me).