Neuroscience in England Summer 2019!

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Join us in England to learn about Stress and Resilience!

NEUR 499: Special Topics in Neuroscience : Neural and Behavioral Resilience (3) Dr. Lora Becker, University of Evansville and Dr. Michael Kerchner, Washington College What does it mean to possess resilience? In this course we will explore what factors contribute to the resilience that a person may exhibit in response to social, personal and physiological stressors as well as what factors may impair their resilience. We will explore these questions at numerous levels – the social, cultural, cognitive and spiritual factors as well as the fundamental genetic, physiological and neural factors. Our mode of inquiry will include peer reviewed primary research articles, highly regarded books on resilience, field-trips to regional research laboratories and our own empirical research project. Some readings will be assigned prior to arrival at Harlaxton.