FUN Poster Session Submission is now Open

Member logins have been temporarily disabled as we move to a new website. All will be well by 2/10/2020.

THIS SITE IS NOW CLOSED - we have reached our limit of 175 abstracts - thank you!

Any FUN member (regular or pre-faculty status) in good standing (that means dues are paid) can sponsor one submission for the FUN Social and Poster Session.  In addition, Institutional members can sponsor one submission, but it is up to the home institution to determine which project.  We have a total of 175 board faces, with 20 reserved for Travel Award winners, which leaves 155 to be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Your student does need to be registered for the SfN meeting to participate in the FUN Poster session, but does not need to be presenting their poster during the main conference.

Please be sure that your student can attend the session, Sunday, November 12th 6:45-8:45 pm at the Renaissance Gand and Central Ballroom before they submit.  Please be sure that you have paid your dues before having your student submit, it saves us lots of emails! The application will remain open until September 29th, or until we have 175 total submissions.