David H. Hubel Memorial Fund for Undergraduate Neuroscience Research

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The Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience honors the memory of David H. Hubel with this fund to support undergraduate involvement in neuroscience research. Established by a gift from Dr. Hubel's family, money from this fund will be used to:

  • Sponsor travel awards for undergraduates to attend the annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting
  • Establish a competitive summer research scholarship for undergraduate neuroscience research

Would you like to make a contribution?  If you'd like to leave condolences or a personal remembrance of David Hubel, please email your comments to davidhunterhubel@gmail.com.

Option 1: Mail a check directly to the FUN treasurer.  Make the check payable to "Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience" and note the David H. Hubel fund in the memo.

Veronica Martinez-Acosta
Univ. of the Incarnate Word
4301 Broadway, CPO#311
San Antonio, TX 78209



Option 2: Donate via CauseVox or directly through PayPal.  You do not need to register for an account on this website, nor on PayPal.  Once you click the Donate button you will be prompted for an amount.  On that page, look for the link "Continue" to make the donation without using a PayPal account.



About David H. Hubel

David H. Hubel was a giant in the field of neuroscience, a gifted teacher, and a talented musician, a skilled carpenter and craftsman, a devoted husband, and a loving father.  He won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1981 for his groundbreaking collaboration on the visual system with Torsten Wiesel (co-awarded to Roger Sperry).  He taught innumerable undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs, and had spent the past five years of his life teaching a freshman seminar at Harvard University.  "David was one of the most charming and disarming teachers" remembers friend and collaborator Bevil Conway.  "He approached you and the classroom with a familiarity and a gentleness that invited you to learn what was going on."  He passed away Sunday, September 22, 2013 at the age of 87.  He was preceded in death by his wife, Ruth.  He is survived by his sons Paul, Carl, and Eric, and four grandchildren.  For more on the life and work of David Hubel see this obituary or his Nobel biography.

Additional information about the fund:

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